Platner stool

Reproduction. Design original par Warren Platner
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Even a simple stool can be transformed into a stylish seat that can add more character to your home. The Platner Stool is made by welding steel rods to circular frames to produce a decorative and very functional stool. It has full leather seat filled with high density foam that is both firm and soft. The rods are stainless steel for durability, strength and style. It is very lightweight so you can move it around in your home since it only weighs 10kg. The height for this stool is 65cm, its width is 38cm and its depth is also 38cm. The seat height is a standard 42cm. This beautiful creation was originally from Warren Platner. He is well known for transforming steel wire into sculptural furniture collection that is still being produced until today. The stool has a very gorgeous form and its steel rods are harmoniously curved and welded to form a lovely modern design. The design of the Platner Stool may be simple but it is very pleasing to the eyes. This stool is a great addition to your bar at home or even at the office. It is the perfect stool if you want to change your home and make it chic, trendy and modern. The Platner stool is a high quality inspiration originally designed by Warren Platner.

The Platner Stool has a very classic design and it can add a striking dimension to your living room, dining room, bedroom, bar and office. The cushion at the top is covered with full leather, which gives it a very sophisticated look. Plus, the shiny steel rods provide the shine and elegance that makes it unique and beautiful. All your visitors would appreciate your fine taste in design when they see these Platner Stools in your home. You can match these Platner Stools with Platner coffee table, lounge chair and relax chair. Brighten up your living room and give it more of your personality and character with these Platner Stools. The name Warren Platner is only used to describe the characteristics of the goods made to the original design, and not as a trade mark.

Plus d’information
Matières Full leather, stainless steel and high-density foam.
Hauteur * Largeur 65cm * 38cm
Profondeur 38cm
Poids 10
Nombre de colis 1
Hauteur assise 42 cm (Standard)
Designer Warren Platner
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Reproduction. Design original par Warren Platner